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when all you need is a hug

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Could you list me all of the songs on this playlist? Im trying to make a list of songs to download for my beach trip! if you could that would be super rad. Thanksss!

@_cameronbarnes I just saw this now so I'm not sure if you still need this but the songs include
be still- the fray
skinny love- bon iver
wings- Birdy
The fault in our stars -troye sivan
for emma- bon iver
like we used to- a rocket to the moon
sad beautiful tragic- taylor swift
oblivion- bastille
what about today- lewis watson
maroon 5-sad
in my veins- andrew belle
fix you- coldplay
chasing cars- snow patrol
look after you- the fray
new songs:
halo- lewis watson
all of the stars- ed sheer an
robbers- the 1975
sorry for the late response but thanks for listening xx

@brittanypower3 thank you so much. i just looked back at the comments and saw you responded. it still helped me because im actually traveling again this weekend so i can download them for this trip! Thanks(: