Is this playlist safe for work?



a 5-hour, 80 track mix to resonate with, whether you're studying or relaxing or just need some company

you are doing so well, and there are many great things for you yet

80 tracks
3 comments on resonance

Definitely my kind of playlist! I love how long it is and I don't think there is one song that I disliked : ) Super awesome for doing work that needs steady concentration. Thank you for making this! I'm sure it took a bit of effort to gather all the songs together. I'm sure I will be listening to this playlist often! ☆

@kjk0507 hey, thank you for such an awesome comment! I am very pleased you found use for it. I often go into work modes that require long-term concentration commitment, so I thought it would be beneficial to include as many songs as I could so that option was available. lots of luck in your endeavors!

@lorena.nicoli I never quite know how long I'm going to be doing any one thing, so I wanted to make sure there were enough tunes for everyone to stay focused with. I hope it wasn't overkill! Thank you for listening!!