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this could take all night


back again with a 32-song playlist for lady lovin' (and all that entails)! neutral or female pronouns used by women only, my friends.

32 tracks
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That totally makes sense! I think it's cool to have a variety of different types of love, I just wanted to be sure to put that out there in case it wasn't something you were aware of. Thanks for replying and for the wonderful mix, and no worries, you didn't spam me :) have a great night!

Awesome mix! Thought I would just let you know that Cherry Wine isn't really a love song as it's about partner violence. Still, appreciate the amount of songs chosen!

@nazgulkoopa agh!! i’ve been tryin to reply to this comment, but it won’t show up, so i hope i’m not spammin’ you out. what i tried to say was that was the reason i wrote “lady lovin' (and all that entails)”, because this playlist explores all sorts of “love”, be it real, genuine love, longing (be it one-sided or otherwise), or unhealthy relationships (where love could still be involved or used to be involved). those things aren’t exclusive to heterosexual relationships and i just wanted that to be kept in mind. i was hoping that at least one song from the mix could personally resonate with any individual. anyways, thanks for letting me know, though, i do appreciate the thought! and i’m very pleased you liked the amount of songs, because I was fretting over it!