34 comments on Dedicated to all students vol. II by bravearya

This is awesome, I don't know if you've used this in your other playlists but I suggest some tunes from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. Dawn especially is amazing :)

This is so so so soothing but also so so so depressingly beautiful. But I love, I'm not even studying (too tired) but I love it so thank you for sharing

i've been listening to your study playlists for all day so far (in the wrong order but well) and i just wanted to tell you that it is really helping me get through my day filled with lung physiology and the anatomy of abdominal veins x)

girl, you got all my favorite soundtracks in every one of your playlist. love Maestro so much. Thank you for sharing this along with some new sound!

Working my way through A2 philosophy with this. Somehow Kierkegaard is easier to stomach when your ears are filled with this beauty.