80 comments on Dedicated to all students vol. IV by bravearya

I think having a lyric song in this playlist can really freshen it up; it helps wake you up and go back to focusing on your studies.

Thank you so much for making such an amazing playlist! I can't thank you enough! :) I look forward to listening to your next playlist!

I was just thinking how perfect this playlist was for reading and summarising notes, then out of nowhere "Yumeji's Theme" popped up. It was a bit weird to have a song with lyrics in between all these beautiful instrumental pieces - maybe consider removing it? Otherwise, top-notch playlist! :)

I'm no longer a student, but this is a good mix for when I'm at work. Thanks for putting it together.

That clair de lune freaks the hell out of me cause I've played The Evil Within. o.0 Love it nonetheless :P

I love you and your mix! :) Thank you so much for creating this playlist, it really helped me during my licensure exam.

The amount of times I've listened to this playlist has made me realize just how much I study...at least I've got this to get me through!