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❀ sweet and sleepy ❀

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this is a really nice and soothing mix, thank you for sharing! however, i do feel like the btob track seems to be misplaced...? it doesn't really fit with the playlist and kind of disrupts the theme, did 8tracks possibly mess up and replace the original track you intended to use? ;;

@nsonic woah, it's been a while since i've seen this playlist.. firstly, thank you for your comment! i appreciate them more than people think. secondly, going back i see that there's more than one btob track, are you talking about the first one in the original playlist order? there are quite a few tracks that have warning messages to be replaced, so it's very possible that that is the case. i have many other playlists that are no longer public because of the amount of songs removed that i simply don't have, so i will do my best to edit and fix this playlist so that it remains to your liking in the future. thank you for your feedback! (sorry this got long ^^)