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tear it up


punch a wall or something

  • Goldie by LeMoureProductions
  • 이놈(I.N.D.O) (feat. 타블로) by 얀키(Yankie)
  • Park Myung Soo Ft. Primary Ft. Gaeko by I got C
  • ¹ÌÄ£¿¬¾Ö (Bad Girl) (Feat. E-Sens Of ½´ÇÁ¸²ÆÀ) by ¹üÅ°
  • Attention by Block B ZICO (지코)
  • School of Tears by Bangtan Boys ( BTS )
  • 나쁜 1LLIONAIRE by Dok2
  • Dynamic Duo(다이나믹듀오) BAAAM (feat. Muzie Of UV) by soohyuk
  • DJ DOC - L.I.E by paenitet
  • Deja Vu by SONAMOO
  • I'm Still Fly by ZICO (지코 )
  • Cheers by 개코, 얀키
  • BTS _ 힙합 애 인 (Hip Hop Lover) by Sarahí Arceo
  • EPIK HIGH by Epik High
14 tracks
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