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hearts like ours.

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Omg Natalie! It is so great! I've never heard of Echosmith but I loved both their songs. Crash Into Me has always reminded me of Stiles and Lydia and this mix definitely gave me a 90's feel. Where's my 90's Stydia AU? Also in Hearts Like Ours the lyric 'til the fire's blazing light shines again within are eyes' definitely reminded me of the scene in Stiles room. *hearts in my eyes*

Aw, thank you Tiffany! I'm really glad you like it! I only found Echosmith when I looked up their song Bright - it was played in 3x15 of Teen Wolf! A 90's Stydia AU would be awesome! So Clueless style :P That scene in Stiles's room with the string was lovely ugh!