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next mutherfukerz gunna git mah metal

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besides the bands i put on my own mix, i liked the System Of The Down and the Sepultura the best... it is a different view of metal... to me, metal is heavy riffs and over-the-top musicianship... this is just sludgey darkness

ah glad to hear it! suicide note is a pantera original, but was quite a popular cut from their final good (imo) album The Great Southern Trendkill.

You're right, most of this is quite different from my own taste in metal. Faith No More, NIN and White Zombie are bands I knew and loved, tho' the actual albums I had consisted of stuff that was slightly less hard (or "speed"?), with the exception of WZ. I knew of the other bands (except Kittie), but as they weren't quite my cup of tea, I didn't have much experience with them.

On this mix, I especially liked I, Zombie...and of the bands I wasn't as familiar with, I liked Bloody Kisses, and Suicide Note Pt. 1. In fact, there is something maddening familiar about that second one that I can't put my finger on yet. Is it a cover? Or has someone else covered it? If not, it's very similar to something else I used to listen to! Overall, I enjoyed your mix. This was fun. :)

To Me Bmer's thoughts on HM are the singer can't or won't sing (well) and that the musical variation can not stray too far from a droning hectic pace and should sound as manic and angry as possible. my 2 cents loved it non the less- thx BMER