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i never say good-bye


idk man i'm just feeling very anime today
in order: the tatami galaxy, honey and clover, gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, kids on the slope, hyouka, kyoukai no kanata, eden of the east, blood blockade battlefront, lovely complex, uchouten kazoku, hyouka, nisekoi, durarara!!, cardcaptor sakura, durarara!!, fractale, durarara!!, blood blockade battlefront, bleach, lovely complex, revolutionary girl utena, ano hana, fullmetal alchemist, durarara!! x2, samurai champloo.

26 tracks
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gsnk made me smile, hyouka made me want to cry, Daisy wasn't (THE FULL VERSION) nearly as loud enough to match the volume of my sobs (but that's on the file 8tracks uploaded i think, not you), and fma - well, you know. /standing ovation/ fuckin anime am i right

@montressor GNGNGN STUPID 8TRACKS i don't know why it replaced the full version of daisy with whatever the hell that was!! but i just fixed it. so sorry ;; yeah though!!! fuckin anime!!!!!!