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s a y something.


here's what i felt like doing today: ruining my sweet catherine's life

here's what else i felt like doing today: ruminating over the fact that it has now been a year since these two had a scene together and/or acknowledged each other's existence

here's the last thing i felt like doing today: recycling an old edit for cover art, because my tablet was on the other side of the room relative to where my bed is

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first of all, how dare you? second, HOW DARE YOU?! what is that second song anyway. i know, a knife in my heart. AND YOU PUT ATLAS HANDS ON THIS YOU MONSTER. YOU BEAST. AND HOW DARE YOU PUT I'M GONNA BE ON THIS. I AM WOUNDED. WOUNDED. WHAT EVEN WAS THIS? ugh so perfect you monster.

MY LIFE IS RUINED. SWEET CATHERINE'S LIFE IS OVER> THANK. WHY?? WHAT?? HOW?? IM LISTENING TO THE SONGS WHILE STARING AT THE COVER ART FOR THIS AND IM...*closes blinds and sits in the dark and becomes a hermit* HUNTER!!!!!!!!!! CASEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY! I only know pain. They cause me pain when they appear in the same panel and then decide to cause me even more pain by NOT EXISTING WITH EACH OTHER FOR OVER A YEAR...will I make it?? WILL I FIND HAPPINESS?? morning glories...GWENDOLYN WHY'D YOU DO THIS TO ME!??!!