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bloody red


When her town is attacked by a werewolf, Red vows she will avenge the deaths of her family. But Red underestimates the danger she faces, and her attempt at hunting the wolves leaves her mortally wounded. A wolf of a different family finds Red near-death. Feeling a strange sympathy for the girl, the wolf bites Red to save her life. Red awakes as a newborn werewolf, strong and feral, yet to learn how to control her wolfish nature. She lashes out at the wolf but soon recognizes that he is a kindred spirit, as she is now a member of his pack. Realizing that they have the same goal, Red and her unlikely ally hunt down the murderous wolves and avenge both their families. Their mission over, Red and the wolf become wanderers and warriors and, over time, grow profoundly devoted to one another.

40 tracks
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