I was disappointed their is no things i hate section so this is mine:

Things I hate

really soapy hands
people who yell allot, when they shouldn't
people who act way to tough
cheap vodka
very small/extermely large cars
long hair on men
hats that just look goofy
music at a low volume
the taste of heineken after other beer
Euros * the currency
watches with no numbers
people who claim they are busy when they are not
sticky bar floors in sandals
tequilla shots
how bread rotts so fast
the flat taste of pop in a 2 liter bottle
how there is not spell check on everything
Eastern's electronic writing portfolio
Tricked out cars
Bushy eyebrows
Irritating noises in cars
blown speakers
bad techno
the faint buzzing sound of my alarm clock 24/7
wet sweatpants bottoms
new towels
mild hottub water
reduced fat Chips Ahoy! (what a dumb name too)
any picture less than dvd quality

I will add more later

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