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for you:
for whenever you're feeling broken down; following a bad breakup, getting into an argument with a close friend, feeling destroyed by someone's words, losing someone you loved dearly, being unsure of your state of mind.
*this playlist is not meant to make you feel better - it's meant to comfort you and make you feel understood in your moment (or time) of weakness because you need to know that it is perfectly okay to feel weak.
((p.s. if any of you ever need someone to talk to -- whether its a one-time thing, or you need a friend for the long run -- I'm always open to talk, so never hesitate to comment in order to get in touch))

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hi I'd like to get in touch with you. I guess I'd like to talk to someone without an emotional connection. everyone I've tried talking to either doesn't understand or takes my words and only thinks of them as something gossip worthy. I understand if you're not really up for it, but it never hurts to ask.

@yshriki10 I'd be honored to be someone you could talk to, e-mail me your number and we can text if you'd like. if you're not comfortable with that, just e-mail me and we can figure something else out -

lost most my grandpa nearly, we were so close and u are the one and only who helps me and you are the one that get me through this, I want to say four words to you and please listen to this : thank you so much