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Motivational Workout

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It’s easier to go workout then to look in the mirror and not like what you see. It's a slow process but it quitting won't speed it up. Would you rather throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat of your face? Think of the body you'll have in a year. Ask yourself, do you want to be covered in sweat at the gym or covered in clothes at the beach?
Pain is temporary; quitting is forever.

  • Eric Thomas "Secrets to Success" by Strawberriz
  • How Bad Do You Want It? (Eric Church) by Barry Morisse
  • [www flv2mp3 com] by I am a champion (Best Football Motivation Ever)
  • Ray Lewis by ray lewis
  • Ray Lewis Speech That 39s What It 39s About by croberson05
  • Training ft. Ray Lewis' Speech (Produced by Pharrell Williams)
  • Speech to Son by Rocky Balboa (2006)
  • the greatest speech ever [ENG SUB] by I am a champion
  • Motivational Speech by ws11
  • Ray Lewis Motivational Speech by lundun
  • Motivational speech BE PHENOMENAL by mrtwentyfourwives
  • Inspiration In The Air (Will Smith, A. Schwarzenegger, Phil Collins, Muhammed Ali, Pharcyde) by deejaywannabeat
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This shit is legit, even tho Ive listened to all of ET's mixtape they still give me chills when they come on in these playlists