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Very good for guitar solos :) here are some of my favourite slams: Phil Kaye - Repetition, Numbers Man (and all his others). Neil Hilborn - Future Tense, Mating Habits of the North American Hipster, Liminality. Doc Luben - Bug v.s. Door. Dylan Garity - Rigged Game. Jared Singer - Love, A Letter to Sarah. Enjoy :)

@brandonlucey95 here are some of my favourite songs: Remembering Sunday- All Time Low, Bad Habit-The Kooks, You Found Me- The Fray, Let's Talk About Your Hair- Have Mercy, You be the anchor that keeps me feet on the ground - Mayday Parade, Just One Yesterday- Fall out boy, The Hell Song- Sum 41, Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran,Decemberism- Man Overboard, Love your friends, Die laughing- Man Overboard, Flavour of the Weak- American Hi-Fi, Dammit- Blink-182, Adam's Song - Blink-182, Welcome to my life- Simple Plan, Perfect- Simple Plan and Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana :) I haven't heard very many slams so I'll listen to the ones you recommended :)