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proudly south african


from the cringey to not so cringey songs, it's good to be south african
(a few afrikaans ones) (a few zulu ones) (a few english ones) (some oviaaaas classics) (old and new)
literally a bit of everything
-this playlist will improve the more you listen-

17 tracks
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@lux.aquila sorry about the late reply but, better late than never! Um, well i don't know if you're into the more chilled house vibes or whatever but a few of my favourites are : beatenberg - rafael, euphonik ft. mi casa - don't wanna be your friend, dj kent ft. mo-t - don't let go, sketchy bongo ft. shekinah - let you know, four7 ft. tiffany - j'adore, dj sbu - remember when it rained.. so if you like any of those let me know :)