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Who do I think I am?

Good question, really, and I'll answer like this: I'm Officer Dick Grayson. I'm Barbara's boyfriend, Bruce Wayne's adopted son, and the last living member of the Amazing Flying Graysons. I've seen too much to be Robin, but I'm still too optimistic to be Batman.

I'm Nightwing.

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This playlist is absolute perfection. Ohmygawsh. Make me love the character even more (Didn't think that was possible) Thank you so much for making this. :)

I was just looking for a more "serious" Nightwing playlist and thankfully you made that! The fun stuff is nice lol, but this represents his personality so much more. <3 it!

I love this!! Great take on the complexity of Dickie's character; I like that you didn't flatten him like a lot of the fandom seems to!

@theangelhastheimpala Aw, thanks! I'm really glad to read that. I'm crazy about Dick and I wanted to be as true to his character as possible. I'm happy to see that you think I accomplished that!