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all the dead girls


for the cultural obsession with dead beautiful girls (from tennyson to hannibal). we’re only safe when we’re dead, when we have truly becomes the object they wish for, to be consumed at leisure, to be a tragedy and a warning and a enigma.

you don’t have to give personality to a corpse, after all.

(or, show me all the dead, i’ll show you all the vengeful ghosts)

10 tracks
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wow, this is so incredible, the mythos of the dead girl is one of the most fascinating cultural touchpoints to me and the lack of humanity or agency afforded to the Dead Girl is always so upsetting and revealing about the misogyny driving so much of our media, art, and literature – this mix is an incredible collection of songs on its own, but what it represents and attempts to (and succeeds in) doing and saying is powerful and sorely needed.