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He kept the fire in the clutch of his eyes


[For an unwritten novel]

Zeke lives alone in his old cabin off the edge of the Boxford State Forest near the tiny village of Carlisle, Massachusetts. While he runs a fish, hunt, and camp store out of his home, he’s known in certain circles for what he technically is—a white warlock. And those certain circles also know his bloodline—he’s descended from a long line of witches, notably, John Alden of the Salem Witch Trials.

Accompanied by his familiars, a fox called Buckley and a husky named Vivaine, he lives a quiet life full of little spells: his candles always last a little too long, those who use his fire starters never get sick from their game. And he’s fine with this life.

Until he sees the ghost of Johanna Endsley.

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