Broken Lyrics
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"Maybe, in some parallel universe, we are still together and so very happy."


For all of our parallel and alternate universe needs.

I'm not even sorry that most of these are country, though I do apologize that a lot are covers.

//May add songs in the future.

  • Criminal by Britney Spears
  • GEORGE STRAIT by George Strait
  • Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not (Jazzy Joe ReDrum) by Thompson Square
  • Farmers Daughter by Cover
  • Kiss It All Better by He Is We
  • Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow Tribute by Picture
  • We Danced (Cover by Ben Mesiti
  • McGraw, Tim by Jeffrey Lane
  • Whiskey Lullaby [Brad Paisley Feat. Alison Krauss] by Maréchal Leclerc
  • Forever And Always by Parachute
  • Terrible Things (Mayday Parade Cover) by Arthur Walwin
  • Hinder lips of an angel cover by Brookie Kingston
12 tracks
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