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but in me, a storm rages


part two of the official soundtrack for the fanfiction, 'but for me, there is a storm' ||
from kageyama's internal turmoil over hinata to daichi and koushi's informal wedding


19 tracks
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So this was the tracklist when I listened to it the first time: The Walk - Imogen Heap //kageyama agonizing over hinata// Seven Nation Army - The Glitch Mob //the simulation// Sandalwood - Lisa Loeb// daichi and koushi pining// I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys //THE DREAM// Light Your Heart Up (Beat and Instrumental) - Sawano Hiroyuki //the beach episode// The Sunlight Through The Flags - Snow Patrol //daichi and koushi's beach walk// When You Say Nothing At All - Alison Krauss //ghost drift theme// Future Fish (Music Box) - STYLE FIVE //star-gazing// Texas - Magic Man// daichi and koushi's kiss// Ache - Twigs //the sex// All of the Stars - Ed Sheeran //daisuga ship theme (i)// KILL 7Ia Kiru - Sawano Hiroyuki //tyrant omega's first mission// Invincible - OK Go //tyrant omega's theme// Stray Italian Greyhound Vienna Teng //asanoya ship theme// Strawberry Swing - Coldplay //kageyma and hinata's lunch with... friends...// Fureau Kokoro - Black Cat //winter gathering// Too Late - M83 //hinakage confession// Latch (Piano Cover) - Disclosure //daichi and koushi's marriage// Never Stop (Wedding Version) - SafetySuit //daisuga ship theme (ii)// I probably forgot one or two, so feel free to correct me! Hope this helps