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darkness looms here


part three of the official soundtrack for the fanfiction, 'but for me, there is a storm' || the chapter seven playlist

listen?? at your own risk?? do you really want to relive that chapter through music pls ask yourself that

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14 tracks
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Track list for anyone who missed it the first time around and now it's all shuffled: //Kuroko Neki-Black Cat/asahi's kaiju panic// Gipsy Danger- Ramin Djawadi/into battle// Striker Eureka- Ramin Djawadi/ the double event// Saviour of the Waking World- Homestuck/ chasing the rabbit// Inevitable- Anberlin/ kageyama's memories// Showtime (Piano Refrain)- Homestuck/ iwaizumi and oikawa// Tadashi- Henry Jackman/ oikawa and kageyama in the hospital// The Modern Leper- Frightened Rabbit/ iwaoi ship theme// Wait-M83/ dachi's death// Sleeping Sickness- City and Colour/ koushi's breakdown// Ad la Lib- Sawano Hiroyuki/ aftermath of daichi's death// Rainy Night- Donawale/ the funeral// Apologize- One Republic/ hinata and kageyama fight// Safe & Sound (ft Luke Conrad & Chad Sugg)- Alex Goot/ main ship theme.

i'm brOKEN OKAY I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'LL DO WHEN YOU PUBLISH THE NEXT CHAPTER I want to cry. Thank you very much for creating this masterpiece.