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glowing eyes, silver night (I)


part one of the official soundtrack for the fanfiction, 'but for me there is a storm' || from the opening theme to tyrant omega's reveal

as a note, these mixes are going to be chronological in nature, and my annotations will tell what song represents which scene :>


21 tracks
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I copied down the track list as I listened to it the first time, and this is what I got: 1- The Loneliness and The Scream, by Frightened Rabbit (intro) 2- Kiryuu G@ KILL, by Sawano Hiroyuki (welcome to the base) 3- Kiss With A Fist, by Florence and the Machine (Hinata and Kageyama meeting and sparring) 4- Moonshatter, from Homestuck (confrontation with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi) 5- Physical Compatibility, from Pacific Rim OST (Hinata’s success in sparring) 6- Close Up, by Frou Frou (the test drift) 7- Trojans, by Atlas Genius (Kageyama’s mistakes, trying again, and cutting ties) 8- Cancelling the Apocalypse, by Ramin Djawadi (the first ghost drift) 9- All This And Heaven Too, by Florence and the Machine (Hinata and Kageyama mending) 10- Hand Covers Bruise (Piano Cover), by Unknown (”I’m sorry for intruding on your headspace.”) 11- Spider’s Claw, from Homestuck (the meat bun incident) 12- Just A Memory, by Ramin Djawadi (confrontation with Kindaichi and Kunimi) 13- Make A Wish, from Homestuck (talking things over in the kwoon room) 14- Hotel Aquarium, by Falling Up (successful test drift) 15- The Toranpu, by Black Cat (meeting noya and tanaka) 16- Futten, by Black Cat (drifting with Tyrant Omega) 17- Aren’t We All Running?, by 65daysofstatic (drifting with tyrant omega (ii)) 18- One Of The Family, by Henry Jackman (Hinata catching Kageyama when he collapses) 19- The Golden Towers, from Prospit & Derse (HS album) (Apocalypto Alpha’s theme) 20- goriLLA jaL, by Sawano Hiroyuki (first drill) 21- 陰の伝承歌 第一部 小森茂生 (the mystery of omega/ he has kaiju bits)

Um, so, you know how when you listen to things more than once on 8tracks it shuffles them? I don't know what order everything is in, and that's frustrating. I know you're busy but could you please, please make a track list? I'd love you forever.