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r o l l e r c o a s t e r


//what do i do, do i do
with a love that won't sit still,
won't do what it's told?//

11 songs + 1 for lil shota sex demon and his blushing bride

if you think i am sorry for that last song you are wrong my friend

(cover credit to

12 tracks
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This mix definitely deserves gold. I love the annotations. Not a lot of playlists I know do this and I don't know I think the lyrics make the mix a thousand times better because I have an easier time picturing their relationship through it?? Idk if that made sense. Anyway, this was really relaxing and lighthearted and I am in love this is wonderful it is so ///them///. Nice done hope to see more from you~

i'm still in the process of listening,but this mix is very good so far,good job!! about the last song,i s2g if it's butterfly..................................