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...and I live to tease ♥


For another off-the-cuff played lovely bastard - this time it was V:tM character - and for another character's florid background full of combat missions, debauches, wicked relationships and s/m.

Diego Reyes, Ravnos, occasionally antitribu. Provocative rebel, lone wolf, steadfast fighter, horse-breaker, heartbreaker, the boy about "catch me, if you can", the boy about "come get me", the boy about "I still know what you did last summer". He travelled both Americas lengthwise and crosswise, taking part in every military conflict, just for fun. He joined the Sabbat following his one night stand (for that moment) lover, out of pure curiosity. He's a hot mess.
But this mixtape is mostly about love, mad dawn in the Third City and it's all for one very special Ventrue.

21 tracks
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