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Nine tracks including music by Adele, Brad Paisley, and I Knew You Were Trouble.

  • I Knew You Were Trouble by Madilyn Bailey
    I picked this song because it suits when Bob walked into the court because everyone knew that it was pretty much impossible for Tom to have beat Mayella because his left arm was way shorter and Bob was left handed.
  • You Lie by The Band Perry
    This song is perfect song for Mayella and Bob because when they are in court they both lie about what happened with her and Tom and they lied about who actually beat Mayella.
  • I'm Gonna Getcha Good! by Shania Twain
    I chose this song because it suits Tom and Bob since Bob and Mayella lied about Tom beating her up and since Tom got punished for something he never did he's "gonna get Bob good!"
  • Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer Tribute
    I chose this song because it makes you think about pre justice in the world. This affects Tom and Boo. I think that Tom and Boo wont live to see the end of pre justice because Tom dies because of it and Boo is still living today and pre justice is still in the world today.
  • Accidental Racist ft. LL Cool J by Brad Paisley
    I think this a good song for this book because it's talking about where he lived and when he came to visit different countries people judged him just because of where he lived or what color he was. When LL cool J comes into the song he talks about how he's a gangster and people just accuse him of being "bad."
  • Swedish House Mafia – Don't You Worry Child feat. John Martin (Pete Tong Radio Exclusive 10.08.12) by officialswedishhousemafia
    I chose this song because it talks about someone who had something go wrong in ther life. When it said "heavens got a plan for you," it's saying that it all happened for a reason, so Tom died for a reason and heavens got a plan for Helen.
  • If You're Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows) by Rodney Atkins
    I chose this song because it suits Boo Radley REALLY good. This is a motivation song, from all these rumours and being stuck in his house for year he's "going through hell" but he's got to get through it and push and let people know that those rumours aren't true and that he's a good guy.
  • Rumour Has It by Adele
    I picked this song for this book because it represents all of the rumours going around about Boo Radley.
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