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"Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World."
Eighty Days is a book written by Matthew Goodman. It is about two pioneering journalists in the 1880's who set out to out-race each other in a trip around the world; Bly goes East, Bisland heads west. It is a race against time as the two women strive to set the record as the fastest trip around the globe; under 80 days, therefore beating Jules Verne's famed character, Phileas Fogg. The two were greeted with victorious return and fanfare from the American people, and were forever moved from their extraordinary trip.
A whimsical, 1800's circus-influenced playlist inspired by this book. It is one of the greatest and most interesting books I've read this summer. 12/10 would recommend! :)
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