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Triangulum Australe Vol. 2: NGC 6025


"Music for Interstellar Travels & Astral Plane Explorations."

Triangulum Australe Vol. 1: Atria

Eight tracks including music by AFTA-1, Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid and robotsandlaces.

Phenomenal cover by vhm_alex@DA. Also an infinite amount of love goes to @artificialsweetner for getting me back to a hip hop mood

8 tracks
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I appreciate the shout out bruce - I consistently hear music I like and have never heard before on your mixes so it means something that I inspired you like that. That Noel Zancanella track, if either 0 in 2005 was replaced with a 1 it would make just as much sense, right? crazy.... feeling that robotsandlaces too. Nice work.