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HEY GUYS. NEW NINETIES/EARLY POST-NINETIES MIX UP SOON. :) Just depends how shitty the home internet is. Also, classic Australia. xo

Thanks for that! Ehehehe. It's just that good music to me is automatically classified as belonging in the nineties. But to be fair bad music never really dominated the airwaves until AFTER 2004. Shudders.

Third reply to the Rickrolled thing ehehehe sorry my bad! Was confused. Bit mixed up. Uni happened. Shouldn't have overloaded. Back from Italy a month ago so will correct it ASAP!

Haha I made quite a number of shitty mistakes with this playlist and disappeared off 8tracks for months. BUT I AM BACK, AND I SHALL CORRECT THOSE MISTAKES. :) Thanks for telling me that that Pink track was not from the 90s but ehehehe I'll just keep it here until I find another suitable track to slot in :D

Mish (short for Michelle, but that's such a mouthful oof). :D YAY GOOD MEMORIES. So desperate to purge One Direction, The Wanted and Wiz Khalifa from my brains. ): Melbournian radio stations keep playing those. #dislike