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Before the $$$$


Before these rappers started making the big money, they all had the same desire to make good music. These are songs that helped these artists make it big, and give them the fame they always dreamed of.

To everyone who keeps listening to this playlist, thank you! This is the music that I'll remember from these artists, no matter how much some of them may sell out. Their roots are what got them to the mainstream, and real fans will never forget their first tracks

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back when I threw up Taylor Gang and Most Dope with my friends thinking we were a part of something about to explode. It seems now that it has become a brand instead of a lifestyle that we as fans lost the feeling that made us smile when we listened to our favorite artist

I feel you there! I Still throw up TGOD tho with the original meaning, people just say it cuz they smoke, but that's not all its about