Is this playlist safe for work?

Mabel's IPod

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Thanks! yeah, it could just be the version of the app that I have. thanks! I'm going to go listen to this about 1000 more tomes now :)

Hey! love this playlist, and it absolutely suits Mabel. it's super motivating :) I think your last song, rule the world, though, is broken , it isn't playing audio.

@tamerlorika Thank you for letting me know:) I'm glad you liked the playlist. On the technical side of things, I checked the playlist and the last song seems to be working, however there's still the possibility that it's working for me and not for everyone else. For now, I suppose it's alright to leave it, but if it becomes a problem, I can try always reuploading the song or replacing it. Thanks again^^

@tamerlorika "I can always try reuploading the song or replacing it." Funny how rereading my replies five times before I send them still doesn't stop the typos.