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Btrxz: F4r/Th2<F5nk2d+5p%s45ls


Sum <> Aul: Incredible Bongo Band x2, Nina Samone (remix by J Rocc), & Taso...

Funq Yea, Break that office chair throw it out the window shake your ass all over the FUNQIN' place.

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Digging the lyrical traditions of 10 Bass T, and the timeless social commentary of D. Gregory. This mix is becoming a favorite.

BTW I think we have the same red/orange Marmot jacket. That thing is cozy!

I love it as well but its an extra large and its to large. I look fat in it oops. I do still wear it. Orange is my favorite color! thx for stopping by!

It was even better and still is on my ipod with the original Apache(13+mins of jam) running into the sugar hill remix but that brought the no no of 3 of the same artist rule into effect!

better, I'll just email her the link to this page. thought she might get a kick outta hearing from ya.