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Btrxz: Often Overlooked 2014 (A/MC)


Sum< >Aul:Ólafur Arnalds,Mujuice,&Gigi Masin

I don't do "Best of" mixes. Who am I or anyone else for that matter to say what "The Best" is, in the hyper subjective world of music. I listen and read a lot about music and try all sorts of things on these ears of mine ( and subsequently to you- hear on 8trxz). I like to bring you things I believe are good and "Often Overlooked". Hear is a loose category I am calling "Ambient and Modern Classical". Hope you enjoy! Thank you for being hear!

16 tracks
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This playlist is amazing! I love the variety. ^.^ Will definitely be my go to when I need something to help further the writing process or just plain feed my ears some good music. (Beirut is my fav on this playlist!)


@Btrxz Btw, I don´t think Olafur has been that overlooked. At least in Europe. I also liked his ambient techno/electronica side project. (Kiasmos). Best album of the year for me in that genre. Happy Holidays!

@RabidRod I hear you! I just don't think he gets his due. So I consider him "overlooked" not unknown. I could be wrong... :)

you can call this mix "best of" in the sense that you selected what you prefer. YOUR best of ... For us to agree or not...

@Sowat? I am aware of what I can and can not do, type and think. I do not believe these are "The Best" (in the right mood and time maybe they are) but, in general they are just really good albums. I am not interested in claims of best, but what may have been "Overlooked". My desire as a curator is to give people (maybe) a wider pallet to choose from, to determine if they so like what they believe is "The Best". Thank you for stopping by