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Btrxz: Often Overlooked 2014 (A/MC)


Sum< >Aul:Ólafur Arnalds,Mujuice,&Gigi Masin

I don't do "Best of" mixes. Who am I or anyone else for that matter to say what "The Best" is, in the hyper subjective world of music. I listen and read a lot about music and try all sorts of things on these ears of mine ( and subsequently to you- hear on 8trxz). I like to bring you things I believe are good and "Often Overlooked". Hear is a loose category I am calling "Ambient and Modern Classical". Hope you enjoy! Thank you for being hear!

16 tracks
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This playlist is amazing! I love the variety. ^.^ Will definitely be my go to when I need something to help further the writing process or just plain feed my ears some good music. (Beirut is my fav on this playlist!)

@Sowat? Sowat? is right. This can be the best of a lot of "overlooked" ones. And I agree with @RabidRod and you that Arnalds does not get his due

you can call this mix "best of" in the sense that you selected what you prefer. YOUR best of ... For us to agree or not...

@Sowat? I am aware of what I can and can not do, type and think. I do not believe these are "The Best" (in the right mood and time maybe they are) but, in general they are just really good albums. I am not interested in claims of best, but what may have been "Overlooked". My desire as a curator is to give people (maybe) a wider pallet to choose from, to determine if they so like what they believe is "The Best". Thank you for stopping by