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Btrxz: Reflextions of Different In Their Sameness...


This is a Btrxz version of a coverish tunes mix ( @Samuel_peterson , @tkyd, and @otisblue ) . Here is how it was made: I just organized my library by song title and went through the Ws only and choose songs with the same titles(not all of them- mind you- that would be "arrogance" Sam P.) The selected few came to a whopping 135 songs making up this playlist, which runs nearly 9.5 hrs. So we can spend the day togeather if you'd like. I will say most genres are covered and flow may be ragged at times, but I am sure you've come to expect as much from me!

134 tracks
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@Btrxz ( @Samuel_peterson and @otisblue ) Btrxz' secrets to mix creation vault #1 - Unlocked! I need to rethink how I manage my music. I'm going to swim slowly through this ocean over the next month.

@tkyd Listening secret #1 take a 4 hr and 15-minute road trip and with round trip you are done. This is what I did. :) enjoy the slow sail that is another great way to enjoy!.

@Btrxz Actually that gave me a great(?) idea...making mixes with the aid of google maps that cover the length of a specific road trip. I think I'll do one based on my trip to a gf in starts cheery and then ends in madness.