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Btrxz's Hvng#Fn^Wth*Y

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Saw Junior and Buddy in a small, intimate venue in Omaha in early '80s. Buddy and I sat at the bar together while Junior finished out the set! Every time I have seen Buddy since I have gotten progressively further away from the action. Good for him, though.

sorry to one up you but... My mom was Juniors fuck buddies in the boston area and hung out with him a bunch from the 70's to 8o's . He gave me one of his harmonicas which of course I lost bad Btrxz

Ha! Yeah, I remember you telling me some of those stories. Hey, remember my old dog head avatar? I ran into Jane Fonda and Ted Turner out in the Sandhills and Jane told me "My, what a pretty dog!" (I have very few brushes with fame but that was one of the best and, of course, I tell that story ad nauseam.)