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Btrxz's Looking So Pretty

5 comments on Btrxz's Looking So Pretty

peter broderick >> very sweet intro.

Solander - Looking For Gold <<< Holy SHAT love it! when the strings come in a tear of joy almost drops

me be big spoon lover shit good track.

Joe Walsh/Joe Walsh ? did he duplicate himself and play a duo? Ah WHAT tHE F. track just cut short, was diggin it, must of been the other walsh. probaby my comp.

White Denim track is a total score. phenomenal!!!

Broadcast will fux my day up so good!

Look Away - Mickey Hart, nice feeling, shoulda been in Lion King.

annnnd Eels to close it up. Nice random "mix" .. i guess... pfft probably just put 8 tracks together randomly.. hahahahahaha good job hombre lobo. later.