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Btrxz's Th>Drm)Plyr*nsrt_Cn#Nw


Step right up folks & Insert your coin!! What are you paying for?. A dream, a trip, a waltz , a meandering, or a train wreck. I warn you it may not be smooth but, it will be entertaining. There are jarring moments in this dream player. So do not fret when at first you are jolted from one dreamscape to another . This is how dreams work. It will all make sense if you ever awake. Some artist you'll encounter are:
Dear Reader, Liar, & Jim Croce...
The thread is in the titles
CMS: 1965-2012

18 tracks
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Love the way some blues songs end with that slow flourish, like taking the last long sip of a lunchtime beer before going back to work.

What i love about junior is he can go either way hard funk blues to this wee wee hours type jam often over looked bluesman