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Btrxz's When I Dreamed Of Joining The Spiral Tribe: OLOWOP (Sunday)

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Classics right from the get-go. LOVE this list. Takes me back. My first rave was in San Diego 1991. Then moved to Virginia in '96 and partied Richmond Pure Love, Red Zero, DC Catastrophic, Buzz, and Baltimore Cloud Watch. Today's Dubstep party scene is such a different beast, it makes me feel really old. But again, great mix. Makes me want to do a protojungle/hardcore mix. I just might!

nice that was the yr (91) I started to hit NYC storm raves with frankie and the boys!! yes make it NOW!!

Should check out teeps for the more underground afterparty vibe he if this minnie pop rave wa not enough

Friend, I don't know if you do the facebook thing, but if you want, please add me, I'd like to get to know you better :) Many of the WTAC peeps are fb friends of mine, and hopefully you will be too.

No sorry no fake book 4 me I am to virtual attractive and have tons of woman all over me so I steer clear of that and last fm cut both accounts 3 yrs ago. do chat @ gmail btrxz8@gmail

No wil chx out!! RU a NASA crew? I was a Boston raver First Rave was STORM II. I chilled mostly with the Caffine crew Onionz and Micro