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Btrxz: Tempo Is Down

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@noknow I remember when I found that song as a youngster... Just googling random words looking for music, my friend was talking about the little fluffy clouds outside so that's what I entered and BOOM my preteen mind was blown...

@noknow I remember my preteen mind being blown in 1972/3 when Nathan and I were at a hippie house with our parents and we found Darkside Of The Moon by Pink Floyd and put it on the phonograph and had our minds blown. I believe we where 6 yrs old at the time. The orb by their time where just a natural progression and where seen live 20 yrs after our Pink Floyd exsperience.

@Btrxz never had a chance to see The orb but it sounds like it was a quintessential show for ya. Dig your stories, will have to see if I can hear some more in person this summah! (will be heading north a couple of times = )