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Btrxz: Test Uwe (lawn mowing II)


∑⌀ Aul: Jane's Addiction, Scuba, & Black Channels...

Summer is hear and it's time to kick it into low gear. This one draws out and then deeps with a mind blow ending, Pls enjoy

19 tracks
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@Sal Vacui @extreme dinosaur Yea was was lucky enough to See Jane's at TT and The bear's in Cambridge 1988 Nothing Shocking tour and at the first whole-lotta-losers

@Btrxz @extreme dinosaur You were a bit ahead of me! I didn't find them until my last year of hs in 90. Then I saw them 3x after that, last being at the first Lollapalooza in 92. Awesome shows all. Nothing's Shocking is so good, but their best to me is still that first live album.