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Btrxz: Wh2n*3c2_F4rg2ts=T4"L2t<G4


Sum < >Aul: Panda Bear, The Seatbelts, & Years Around The Sun ...

Mix Trajectory: The friendship bracelet ice gave me is wearing thin in the weak sun light but, keeps a disturbingly pleasant grip on my wrist. Even with the walk of the Sun getting longer she will not let go her grip. I stand frozen in the heat of the LOVE. Feeling lucid in ice still and rooted. Hear I find myself on the precipice of spring.

Pix: Flower Tea by me

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Nope after second listen Doink's is to sweet. I usally- well always have a dark edge. I am going with Sunday Smoke!

Hay BJ_Dim _Wit! Stuff it. and you forgot the Ménage à trois factor of Hello Kitty in the mix you prix