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A New Outlook


Latest set of mind melting, trippy, downtempo songs with some jazz influences strewn in together

  • Fnord (120 V.) by oddlogic
  • When Children Sleep by Long Arm
  • My Friends Will Always Say... by FaltyDL
  • Cruise by Astronautica
  • The Time Thief by BubbleLove
  • The Good Shepherd by L'Orange Music
  • Don't Come Back by mononome
  • The Lost Nova (feat. Mr. Lif & John Robinson) by L'Orange
  • This Old Relaxation (Remix from This Old Tune by Zé Mateo)
  • Fnord (140 V.) by oddlogic
  • Her Sins_ ItSounds by L'Orange
  • Esbe Addicted by Alternative Trip
  • Fools Rush In by Mononome
  • Strawberry Jam Forever by A-Skillz VS Beatles
14 tracks
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