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I've Always Liked Being Alone

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You don't want to be alone…
you don't want to be alone.

Image Credit cause stealing art isnt cool: http://spoondere.tumblr.com/post/63137094151/and-i-can-tell-just-what-you-want

  • haunt me (x 3) by teen suicide
  • Marina & the Diamonds ✿ Bad Kidz (HQ Studio Version)✿ by The Lost Nights
  • Happy Eyez by CocoRosie
  • Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (1987) by The Smiths
  • Love And Truth by Mother Mother
  • [www_2conv_com] by twenty one pilots Car Radio [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
  • A Cruel Angel Thesis (Ayanami Reggae Ver.) by Slime Girls
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