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please tell mom this is not her fault


i treated this mix for me as well as karamatsu i lvoe my sad unappreciated son and i hope he lives a good life

also i KNOW theres two blink-182 songs i just couldnt choose between the two of them so i put them both in here BOI

the cover image is an edit of mine of two photos i found on thE INTERNET i literally looked up blue aesthetic and them boom

please enjoy and papa bless yall

EDIT: i realized bad religion was weird and dumb so i fixed it and replaced a fob song and added a king krule song its a dope song tbh

//R E B L O G H E R E//: http://sorolas.tumblr.com/post/149351932648/please-tell-mom-this-is-not-her-fault-1-5tracks

16 tracks
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