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you're in my veins.


draco has fallen in love with harry, he's let down his walls and let himself care about someone.

however harry breaks his heart and this is when he grieves over losing the best thing that is ever his.

he considers going back to his original self, not letting anyone back in ever again.

though, he'll always be in love with potter. no matter what facade he tries to maintain.

from love to loss. drarry playlist.

for alohomerry; merry christmas.

  • Quiet by Lights
  • Stay WIth Me by Sam Smith
  • kurt hummel i wanna hold your hand by Glee
  • Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab
  • A Love Like War (Feat. Vic Fuentes) (Official Music Video) by Jasatl222
  • In My Veins by Andrew Belle
  • The Blower’s Daughter * Damien Rice.mp3 by soft&pop
  • How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
8 tracks