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BLESS YOU. I kept looking up the songs when they were mentioned and when there weren't any mentioned I listened to other playlist on 8tracks but it was hard finding ones with what I wanted, so I'm 100% super glad you made this. Thank you so much also Welter is so good???? I was going comment on the story itself but I'm reading it on my kindle and I'd probably never get around to doing it on my phone so I'll just comment here? Wow sorry this is so long but Shinjis characterization is hnnnnnnnng

@mrsomnomnomers aww thank you! this would have been a great help even to me if i thought to make it sooner, but nevertheless. thank you for reading, tho! also for the comment, these things never stop brightening the day. (it's common knowledge that shinji makes people derail - i mean look at me, nearly 70k derailment)