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For here lay folk whom men mourned as dead,
Who were hither brought when their lives were sped;
E'en as they passed so he saw them stand,
Headless, and limbless, on either hand.
There were bodies pierced by a javelin cast,
There were raving madmen fettered fast,
One sat erect on his warhorse good,
Another lay choked, as he ate his food.
Some floated, drowned, in the water's flow,
Shrivelled were some in the flame's fierce glow;
There were those who in childbed had lost their life,
Some as leman, and some as wife;
Men and women on every side
Lay as they sleep at slumbertide,
Each in such fashion as he might see
Had been carried from earth to Faerie.

ft. fka twigs, son lux, nosaj thing
cover by http://8tracks.com/emyrical again

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