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I Can't Tell You


You idiot! Why do you do that? Why do you always sacrifice your self like that? Calling yourself useless and meaningless, stop treating yourself like you don't matter! Why don't you ever think about all the people who love you! Stop being such a fool, there are so many people who'd be sad if you died! Why can't you understand that? What about the people who are trying so hard to protect you?

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Is this based on the possible interpretation of Madoka making her wish because of her self-doubt and wanting to be worth something by sacrificing herself for others?

@BoyofGlass It's more centered around trying to rationalize the ending of Rebellion, where Homura is in control of everything. The description is something Homura says that I think perfectly shows how Homura's wish turned from valiant and loving to selfish and possessive: the first few sentences, while a bit rude, are trying to help Madoka out and focus on her; as soon as Homura starts talking about those who care about Madoka, she's not talking about anyone except for herself-- as far as we know, the world ends and/or everyone Madoka knows dies due to Walpurgisnacht, so the only person who has suffered over Madoka's death is Homura. By the end of the series, Homura's wish was no longer for Madoka; it's become obsession and the wish is only for Homura at that point. (For the record, I love the ship to death, but it's just not healthy after Homura changes herself to "save" Madoka.)

@Bukuoshin Yeah, you really can't deny how poisonous Homura's obsession is. It's very possible that she CAN'T be saved by Madoka and that her only option is death.