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i am my mother's only one

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@CarriesBakers wow omg.... best comment i've ever gotten on a playlist, hands-down ;u; i'm so glad i could help you discover the movie, it really is great and more ppl need to know about it tbh!

all right so I just want to say this about ur playlist: i think it was a recommended playlist by somebody i followed (back when 8tracks still did that lel) and i listened to it having no idea what a Kubo was. I loved the playlist but i needed context so then i illegally downloaded Kubo and watched it and boi did i cry. I'm sure i cried for about an hour after i even finished the thing. so then i was like "i need to support this movie" so then I went out and actually purchased the blu-ray/DVD combo of this thing. TLDR this one playlist made me fall in love with my most favorite movie of all time and thank u for bringing it into my life